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Granny was reading a book and fell asleep, as she wakes up her house is visited by random ghosts. Those ghosts are looking for the immobile Granny.
Luckily Granny won a lot of vacuum racing awards before her retirement. So it is now time for a Final Dusting.

Try to utilize environment to get out of the house.

A jump'n'run without jumping or running. You vacuum yourself to objects or vacuum them to you.

Press "Left Mouse Button" to vacuum into that direction. The vacuum has a certain distance where it sucks you in.

Created during Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam 2018 as cooperation of Unterpunkt9 and ThoughtBread.

Sadly we missed the deadline and won't be able to upload during the voting phase :(

We did this version during the GameJam Time just built it afterwards, due to some issue.


final-dusting-win64.zip 92 MB
Version 0.1.0 Sep 20, 2018


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There's no link, did you put the game at time ? :(

we missed the deadline by a few minutes. But we wrote mark brown and hopefully we get a upload link by tomorrow morning ( that's what he tweeted about projects which don't make it to the deadline) 

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Added a download link at the bottom of the description, we've uploaded at 23:54 :/

how to play???

We missed the deadline and are waiting for the upload link

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Added a download link to the build